I developed this curriculum after experiencing my own frustration while obtaining my MA LTC in 2002. The class I originally attended was rated highly and taught nothing. I was left unprepared but legally able to carry a firearm, which is a dangerous combination.
I took it upon myself to become educated in every way possible to ensure that I adhered to all gun laws and regulations. I spent time learning everything I could about my firearms, how they functioned, and where/when/why it is safe and appropriate to carry a concealed weapon.
In 2010, I decided to become a Massachusetts certified instructor to help pass that knowledge on to others so that I could help prospective gun owners be more than just legally able to carry, but to be ethical, responsible, and lawful gun owners. I have obtained several NRA certifications along with my MA State certification to teach several approved courses that allow attendees to apply for their MA LTC Class A permit.

Currently Training Certifications

Massachusetts LTC Instructor

Utah CFP Instructor

SIG Sauer Certified

NRA Instructor

PatrickLead Instructor


We believe in what we do and we stand behind it too. If you feel that you didn’t fully retain the information from your class or you just want to make sure you fully understood it you are welcome to come back and sit in on the same class again at no charge. This applies to all classes except for hands on tactical classes in which case we will continue to work with you during the class until you fully understand the methods being taught to you.

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