NRA Basic Rifle

Learn how to shoot a rifle like a pro from first-steps orientation to cartridge reloading and muzzleloading

If you like to shoot your rifle(s) and have never taken a class in rifle fundamentals, the NRA Basic Rifle class is for you. In addition to safety, instruction on various action types, safety, and ammunition, you will learn the 5 rifle shooting positions, prone, sitting, kneeling, bench and offhand, and receive coaching in the classroom and on the range in how to shoot them properly. This class sets you up for everything from plinking to long-range shooting. We supply small-bore rifles and ammunition as part of this class. If you have a .22 rifle with open sights or an optic, you can bring it as well. You do not need a FID card to take this course as you are under instruction by NRA Certified Instructors. Plan on an all-day class with a 30-minute lunch break. You will receive the NRA Guide to The Basics of Rifle Shooting, a course completion certificate, guide to the Winchester Marksmanship Program, and have a lot of fun learning the fundamentals of long gun shooting.


Drivers License or Other ID

All ages are welcome

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    We believe in what we do and we stand behind it too. If you feel that you didn’t fully retain the information from your class or you just want to make sure you fully understood it you are welcome to come back and sit in on the same class again at no charge. This applies to all classes except for hands on tactical classes in which case we will continue to work with you during the class until you fully understand the methods being taught to you.

    Below is a full list of our training options. Some courses are run more often then others so if there is one you want that has no scheduled date be sure to fill in the waitlist form to be notified when it comes back up again. If you have enough people we may also schedule a class just for your group. Please contact us and we can see if we can work something out.



    9:00am – 9:00pm Every Day